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How To Replace the Xerox Transfer Belt Cleaner

Replace the Intermediate Belt Transfer (IBT) Cleaner

A message will be displayed on the Control Panel when the Transfer Belt Cleaner needs to be replaced.

  1. Make sure the machine has stopped copying / printing.

  2. Open the Front Cover of the printer.

  1. Turn the orange lever to the right to unlock the belt cleaner.

  1. Turn the orange knob to the left until it releases.

  1. Pull the belt cleaner straight out of the printer.

WARNING: Be careful not to touch any Toner adhering to the Transfer Belt Cleaner. Do not tilt the belt cleaner or Toner could spill.

  1. Remove the new belt cleaner from the packaging. Retain the packaging.

  2. Place the used belt cleaner in the plastic bag.

  3. Remove the protective cover from the new belt cleaner. CAUTION: Do not touch the surface of the Transfer Belt Cleaner. Doing so could deteriorate image quality.

  4. Support the new belt cleaner with your left hand and slide it straight into the opening until it stops.

  1. Push the orange knob in, then turn it to the right until snug.

  1. Turn the orange lever to the left to lock the belt cleaner into position.

  1. Close the Front Cover. NOTE: See the Related Content section for instructions on resetting the supply life counters.

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