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We'll take care of it.

Most printers come with a limited warranty. Ours lasts a lifetime. The Xerox eConcierge® program provides free maintenance and repair of your printers — a $1,675*benefit per printer. There’s no contract. Simply sign up and let us take it from there.

  1. Connect the devices you want covered to your network with an internet connection.

  2. Once you enroll in the Xerox eConcierge Free Lifetime Warranty Program, you’ll be prompted to download the Secure Supplies Assistant.

  3. The Supplies Assistant will monitor the supplies levels of all the printers on your network and send you an automatic alert when they run low.

  4. In 60 seconds and a few clicks your toner order is placed and on its way.

  5. Activate your lifetime warranty simply by using Xerox eConcierge for a minimum of 30 days and by ordering two eligible supply items for each qualifying Xerox printer.

  6. Maintain your lifetime warranty by continuing to order supplies as needed through the Xerox eConcierge Supplies Assistant. It’s that easy.

Enroll in Xerox eConcierge                                      Download the Supplies Assistant

Contact CLT, Inc. for a free consultation.

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