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Docutrac - Managed Print Services

CLT, Inc's innovative solution to Managed Print Services. Docutrac is used in companies that have 5 users to 500 users. It is a extensive print management solution that allows for your print environment usage to be analyzed, studied, and monitored. CLT, Inc. provides remote monitoring, "just in time" inventory fulfillment, remote service dispatch, and extensive reporting.  With Docutrac, your company will finally gain control of its printer fleet. We use real-time business analytic software capable of focusing on large initiatives, departmental goals, or looking at individual devices for fleet optimization. 

Quarterly Review

It’s time to take control of your print environment​

It’s easy to get started with docutrac. Within minutes of installing the Data Collection Agent, we can provide you with powerful business intelligence to help you take control of your print environment.​

Managing and Maintaining your imaging fleet is frustrating and time consuming. This doesn’t have to be your problem anymore. Free yourself from printing devices with a simple secure download. We can collect real-time data from your printing devices and uncover ways to manage and optimize your print technology from an easy to use web interface. Partner with CLT, Inc. to develop a more efficient and productive print management strategy.​

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Powerful information about your printing environment

Our software collects critical information from your networked printers, copiers, MFPs and fax machines, such as:​

• Current status

• Supplies levels
• Page counts

• Model descriptions

• Serial & asset numbers

• Printer locations

• Cost-per-Page tracking

• Automated service alerts

• Utilization

• Historical trending report​

The Data Collection Agent (DCA) is installed on a single workstation at your location in under 5 minutes. The DCA runs as a Windows® service in the background, collecting and transmitting critical imaging metrics to the secure web server. From then on, your printer information will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the
docu-trac secure website. No personal or user data is collected with the software; only the core metrics needed to maintain and manage your printing assets are gathered

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