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HP Cartridge Rejection Issues - Incompatible HP Supplies

It always happens on the day you have to have something printed, meet a deadline, or just need to make a quick copy. The dreaded cartridge message......

So you purchased supplies for your HP printer and now your getting something similiar to the above message. Many of us would think that the supplies we purchased are fualty, bad, or the wrong ones and want to return the product for the correct supplies. Sometimes this is correct, but did you know that the likelyhood of having a genuine HP supply fualty out of the box purchased from an HP Authorized Supply Partner is almost slim to none?

To understand what an HP Authorized Supply Partner is, click here.

In many cases this is a Regionalization issue with your machine.

What does that even mean? I haven't changed my region,moved my printer, and my printer has been sitting here on the desk it's entire life!

As consumers ourselves we understand the importance of getting the best price for a product. However, are you aware that many HP supplies from online retailers are counterfeit, sold in the incorrect region of the world, and these supplies can drastically change the way your machine behaves?

As of January 2017, HP began to regionalize their supplies. This means that you can only purchase certian supply numbers in certian regions. It also means that once a regionalized supply has been installed in your device, that is the only supply your machine will except moving foward. So if for instance you purchased a conterfiet supply that belonged to another region, installed it in your machine, used it up, and then then replaced it with a supply that was correct for your region it would show up as incompatible. Region codes, serial numbers, and keeping up with all of this can be confusing. Typically these cartridges are marked with a Z10 marking on the front of the box. This marking indicates this cartridge is approved for use in the United States and Canada and approved for use in Zone 1.

So what do I do now that I have recieved this message? Well there are many scenarios that could take place, but ultimately if you have been a victim of a conterfiet cartridge/s from the wrong region your machine will need to have the region reset preformed by HP. In order to accomplish this you will need your model number, serial number, and set of the correct ink cartridges for your region. If you have questions or concerns about this , please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-704-9276 or if you are ready to have HP reset your machine to the correct region please call them directly at 1 (650) 857-1501.

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