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What? No Power?

Mondays rarely feel like a power drive for most office workers, but when your printer fails to power up, even after the morning coffee, it can really drive you a little batty.

You have checked the obvious. No alarm indicators appear to be lit. The unit is plugged into the wall outlet, so power ought to be going into the machine. Heck, it even appeared to warm up fine earlier and run even ran a document or two without fault.

So now you’re on the phone with your friendly service tech. He’s taken in everything you’ve experienced with the unit so far. What’s next?

Accessories/Options – uninstall each of these one at a time.

No good


Formatter Board – remove that and see if it prints an engine test.


Fuser – remove it and see if the printer powers up.


Sometimes a faulty fuser will create problem, even in the best printers. In most cases, a replacement unit can be installed quite easily. CLT, Inc. has them in stock for quick turnaround, so don’t hesitate to contact us to help you resolve this issue and get your Monday back in gear!

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