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Changing a Xerox Drum Cartridge in a Workcentre 78xx Series

Step by Step Walk through of the above video

CAUTION: Do not expose the Drum Cartridges to direct sunlight or strong indoor fluorescent lighting. Do not touch or scratch the surface of the drum.

  1. Remove the new Drum Cartridge from its packaging and place it on a flat surface near the machine. Do not place the Drum Cartridge upright or remove the black protective sheet from the cartridge.

  2. Make sure the machine has stopped copying / printing.

  3. Open the Front Door of the printer.

  4. Turn the release lever on the left side of the Drum Cartridge Cover to the left to unlock the cover.

  1. Pull the cover open to access the four Drum Cartridges.

  1. Grasp the orange handle of the appropriate Drum Cartridge and gently pull it out of the printer.

  1. Place the used cartridge in the bag supplied in the package and put it in the box that the new cartridge came in NOTE: To return the used Drum Cartridge for recycling, follow the instructions included with the new cartridge. If the instructions or shipping label are not available, click on the [Recycling] link in the Related Content section for additional information.

  2. Remove the packaging material from the end of the new Drum Cartridge.

  3. Rest the new cartridge, along with its black plastic protective shield, in the cartridge slot. Make sure to load the cartridge in the direction of the arrow on the top of the shield.

  1. Keep the cartridge in the slot and remove the black paper by pulling it to the left.

  2. Pull off the tape from the top of the cartridge shield.

  1. Hold the shield and push the cartridge into the machine using the light orange handle. Continue pushing until it stops.

  2. Remove the protective shield.

  3. Push the cartridge into the machine until it comes to a stop.

  1. Lift up the Drum Cartridge Cover.

  1. Turn the release lever on the left side of the Drum Cartridge Cover to the right to lock the Drum Cartridges into position.

  1. Close the Front Door. If the Front Door is not completely closed a message will be displayed and the machine will not operate.

  2. Dispose of the protective shield and tape as normal office waste.

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