Dell Drum Reset Instructions

Dell 1125 Drum reset

RESETTING THE DRUM COUNTER 1. Press “SCROLL” to select “SETUP” and press “SELECT” 2. Press “SCROLL” to select “MAINTENANCE” and press “SELECT” 3. Press “SCROLL” to select “RESET DRUM CNT” and press “SELECT” 4. Press “SCROLL” to select “YES” and press “SELECT” 5. The display states: “SAVED” and the counter is reset.

Dell 1700/1710 Drum reset procedure

With the printer on, press and hold the CANCEL button until all lights flash in sequence then release the CANCEL button.

Dell 1720 Drum reset procedure

With the printer door open and the drum unit in place, hold the "RESET" button until all the lights start flashing then release them.

Dell 2330 Drum reset procedure

Install the toner cartridge into the new/re-manufactured drum unit. With the front door still open, press and hold the "X" button for 5 seconds. All lights will cycle through then it is reset. ON models with a display "RESETTING PC COUNTER" appears in the display and the power light blinks. Close the door.

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